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The full moon tonight


12:26AM – Shot this image of the full moon with my Nikon D7000 on a tripod with a shutter release cable.  Lens 55-300mm f4.5-5.6, Focal Length 300mm, ISO 100, Exposure 1/160 sec at f/16.

It was a short chase – April 13, 2014

I really hadn’t planned to chase today, but when the storms started lining up in a watch box, I couldn’t resist.

20140413-1536-radarI tossed minimal gear in the truck and headed north.  About 28 miles north of Tulsa, I stopped in Ramona about the time the squall line moved in.

20140413-E-1024-004It wasn’t a storm that would typically produce a tornado, but it was spitting hail and winds were gusting.

20140413-E-1024-006When I got home and processed the few images I’d taken, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I’d caught a bolt of lightning in one of them.  It was an unexpected surprise.  I also realized how close I was to the bolt.  I shot this picture with a 50mm lens.

20140413-E-1024-001I only drove about 90 miles, round trip.  Not bad for the first run of the season.


NWS Norman: May 31, 2013 El Reno Tornado Lessons Learned

Here’s my field journal entry for that day:

The rodent may have been right

I really didn’t think we’d get any winter precipitation today.  Phil, the groundhog, couldn’t be right.  Could he?

Okay, so, at 9:00 this morning, I went out back to take a picture of a cardinal.  We were getting snow flurries, but nothing measurable.  Yet.

A beautiful Cardinal landed in the tree out back

A beautiful Cardinal landed in the tree out back

I’ve since learned that seeing a cardinal in the winter is a sign that snow is coming.

Liza's letting the snowflakes come on down.

Liza’s letting the snowflakes come on down.

An hour after I shot the picture of the Cardinal, this is what it looked like

An hour after I shot the picture of the Cardinal, this is what it looked like

Maybe the rodent was right.

Oklahoma is a winter wonderland

The freezing rain began on Friday and the result is both beautiful and a little dangerous.  It’s Mother Nature’s way of ringing in the first day of winter.  She did a fine job too!

The ice accumulation has taken a toll on trees, plants and power lines.  PSO has been working non-stop to restore power to thousands of Tulsans.  As of now, there’s still over a thousand homes without power.  Fortunately my home isn’t one of them.

Tomorrow, I’ll try to chisel the ice off of the truck.  I have Christmas shopping to do!

I braved the elements this morning and took a few pictures around the yard.

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