May 12, 2015 Trip to Coffeyville, KS

Last Tuesday, we took a family trip to Coffeyville, KS.  My Mom’s birthplace. For you history buffs: in 1892, the C.M. Condon bank was robbed by the notorious five-member Dalton Gang.  The gang was gunned down by townspeople during the robbery.  Emmett Dalton, the lone survivor of the gang, was sent to prison for his crimes. Here’s a

May 16, 2015 Tracking Storms

11:30 PM Tornado Warning for Tulsa was canceled.  Storm moved a little further east.  I dodged that bullet. ___ 11:21 PM Tornado Warning for east central Tulsa county.  My house.  Heavy rain, small hail and lots of wind, so far.  Lost radar connection. ___ 10:28 PM A line of severe storms moving into the Tulsa

May 9, 2015 NW Oklahoma

It was a LONG day for sure.  I left the house at 12 noon and arrived back home at 12 midnight after covering 554 miles. The tornado watch issued was for SE Colorado, SW Kansas and NW Oklahoma.  I decided to venture towards the panhandle. The closer I got to Woodward, it was obvious that

April 8, 2015 Severe Weather in SE Kansas, sort of

10:11 pm – I traveled a little over 300 miles chasing 3 storms.  None of the three really produced much, but it was nice to get out and into nature. I started in Coffeyville, chasing 2 cells into Parsons.  Then back south and west for several miles to meet up with the 3rd storm –