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Three-wheeled Elio gets closer to going on sale

ROYAL OAK, Mich. (AP) — Your next commuter car could have two seats, three wheels and get 84 miles to the gallon.

Elio Motors wants to revolutionize U.S. roads with its tiny car, which is the same length as a Honda Fit but half the weight. With a starting price of $6,800, it’s also less than half the cost.

Phoenix-based Elio plans to start making the cars next fall at a former General Motors plant in Shreveport, Louisiana. Already, more than 27,000 people have reserved one. Elio hopes to make 250,000 cars a year by 2016. That’s close to the number Mazda sells in the U.S.

via Three-wheeled Elio gets closer to going on sale.

Here’s the video.  Pretty cool!

And here’s their web site:

Voting for the “The Ultimate Urban Utility Bike” ends on Sunday


Update, August 4, 2014 – The winning bicycle is Denny.  Congratulations to the winning team TEAGUE x SIZEMORE BICYCLE.  For more info:


Five teams of designers and fabricators from five cities revealed their entries at the Oregon Manifest – Bike Design Project.  Now the votes are coming in and the winner will be announced on Monday.  With the help of Fuji, the winning bicycle will go into full production, showing up in bike shops in 2015.

My favorite?  Well, it’s the “Denny”.

Designed by Seattle based TEAGUE and built by Sizemore Bicycle, this urban bicycle could become the norm for city-dwellers who depend on their bikes to get around.  It’s functional, innovative and stylish.

Of course I voted for the Denny, but if you’d like to vote for your favorite visit the Oregon Manifest – Bike Design Project web site, watch the videos showcasing the bicycles from all five teams and then cast your vote.  You have until August 3rd to vote.  The winner will be announced on the 4th.

Microsoft: Illegal data collection will lead to a ‘bleak future’ | BGR

Microsoft has been one of many technology companies standing up to the U.S. government in response to unwarranted, rampant data collection. CNET reports that Microsoft’s top lawyer, Brad Smith, spoke on Tuesday morning at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. to reiterate his stance that the unchecked data collection should be put to an end.

via Microsoft: Illegal data collection will lead to a ‘bleak future’ | BGR.