May 12, 2015 Trip to Coffeyville, KS

Last Tuesday, we took a family trip to Coffeyville, KS.  My Mom’s birthplace. For you history buffs: in 1892, the C.M. Condon bank was robbed by the notorious five-member Dalton Gang.  The gang was gunned down by townspeople during the robbery.  Emmett Dalton, the lone survivor of the gang, was sent to prison for his crimes. Here’s a

“Lost on Everest”: a multi-media web article about the first American to summit Mt. Everest

Photo Credit:  Wikipedia (cc) I’m a guy who loves reading about historical adventurers.  The Lewis and Clark expedition being one of my favorites.  When I ran across the Outside Magazine article about the first American to climb Mount Everest, I was immediately interested.  When I saw it also had historic photographs, current day video interviews