Preparing for Disaster

Are you prepared for survival?

Regardless of what the storm is — severe weather, national emergency, or terrorist attack by foreign governements, or our own — make sure you’re ready for it.

  • Buy a weather radio for emergencies
  • Develop a disaster plan
  • Build a survival kit
    • At a minimum, you should have enough food, water and medications for each person to last 3 days.
    • Remember:  canned and pre-packaged food, medicines and first aid supplies, and bottled water, do expire.  You should check the expiration dates on your supplies at least every 6 months.  I like to do that on September 1st to be ready for winter and March 1st to be ready for the spring storm season.
    • Batteries have a shelf life too!  Always have a fresh set of batteries for your flashlight and weather radio.
  • Share your plan with family and friends

Here are some great links for explanations of the typical types of disasters and what YOU can do to prepare for them.

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