3/24/17 storms and a big Happy Birthday to Nikki

3/25/17, 7:30 am

I went to bed around midnight last night to the sound of thunder.  It did produce some rain here at the homestead, maybe – maybe – 1/2″, but nothing significant or severe.  There are citizen reports of hail in Owasso.  As expected, the severe stuff stayed in Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Such is the life of a storm chaser.  Hurry and wait.

This morning it’s a crisp morning at 51° under overcast skies.  Highs today will be in the low 60s.  Nice.

There’s another round of potential severe weather forecast for Sunday.  I’ll start watching that later today.

SPC Outlook for Sunday (3/25/17, 12:40 am)

4:25 pm

It’s not looking good for chasing today.  Not around Tulsa, anyway.  The latest graphics show the hot spots will likely be in western Arkansas.  The probabilities have changed several times today.

I’m not hopeful.

Here in Tulsa, the blue skies are breaking through.  It’s 71° with a dewpoint of 60°.  Ended up being a pretty nice day.

I doubt the conditions will improve this afternoon, but I’ll keep watching it.

10:22 am

Starting to mist here in Tulsa.  Not much else has changed.

My package arrived.  :)

New Lens Arrived

8:00 am

First of all, Happy Birthday to my eldest daughter, Nikki!  I’m one lucky Dad.

Okay, now down to the weather for today.

Storm potential for today is tightening up some and Tulsa is back in the slight risk area.  A new enhanced area has popped up covering parts of Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana.  I’m not planning to travel that far today, so I’ll wait a little longer and see if the enhanced area grows.  I may go into SE Oklahoma, but nothing more.  Storm set-ups this time of year can change quickly and I don’t take the forecast areas real serious.  During the month of May, forecasts are easier to nail down.

SPC Outlook (3/24/17, 8:00 am)

The conditions aren’t right for severe storms around the homestead this morning, but it’s better than it was a few hours ago.  It’s 67° and dewpoints are in the low 50s.  Humidity is 58%.  Windy this morning with gusts to 30 mph.  I’m expecting the conditions to improve this afternoon – if this thing holds together.  If rain moves through this morning, it’s likely to mess up the atmosphere for afternoon storm development.  Lot’s of uncertainty.

I’m waiting for a new lens to be delivered, then I’ll figure out what I’m going to do.  Yes, after months of procrastination, I finally bought a 24-70 2.8 VR lens.  I’m anxious to use it.

For now, I’ll have some coffee and get some of the laundry done.  Not exciting.  Yet.

Stay tuned.


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